Legendary L 12.12

I’m super excited and wanna scream to everyone about my brand new purchase! I’ve been excited about it for 3 weeks now, but it has finally come in… Lacoste L 12.12 Polo Blue is in my hands, not literally, I just hung it up…

My plan is to never wash it, unless of course I stain it really badly, then yeah… Mild washing is in order.

Not everybody knows that the dark blue colored polo tends to fade into light blue after about 4 washes. Usually, any consumer would see it as a weakness, but with Polo… It’s a unique feature. Continue reading “Legendary L 12.12”

Europa Men’s Sneakers

The product I will be reviewing today is from…guess where! Lacoste. I am going to be review the Men’s Europa Sneakers.

I recently bought these in the brown color they have. I just purchased them around a month and a half ago and felt they were definitely worthy of a review. Continue reading “Europa Men’s Sneakers”