Europa Men’s Sneakers

The product I will be reviewing today is from…guess where! Lacoste. I am going to be review the Men’s Europa Sneakers.

I recently bought these in the brown color they have. I just purchased them around a month and a half ago and felt they were definitely worthy of a review.

So far they have been pretty fantastic. I have been wearing them more and more often as time progresses and pairing them with just about anything I wear on the daily. They are so comfortable on my feet and great for walking around. I went for a walk the other day with my wife around the city and my feet did not start hurting at all which is pretty great considering most shoes start making your feet sore within the first few weeks of purchasing them.

I have quite sensitive feet especially in my arch. I usually have to put in comfort liners to be able to walk long distances in most of my shoes and these new sneakers have proved to be the most comfortable pair yet.

I do not need to add the liners for extra comfort with these shoes. They give me all the support and comfort on their own without the assistance of Dr. Scholls. Aside from comfort, they are also super durable from what I have witnessed so far.

I have gone through mud, and rain in these shoes and they don’t appear to be affected at all lately by the circumstances. My shoes generally accumulate quite a few scoff marks within the first two weeks I buy them due to all of the careless missteps in my day. However, these shoes prove to withstand all those little missteps that occur in my day to say life.They have held up unusually well for being simple sneakers. No signs of deterioration and no scuff marks of any kind.

The best thing about this product is they’re all of the above and stylish.

They have the Lacoste symbol and are a simple but great color that goes with any outfit. They aren’t too simple but not too elegant either, they will fit an everyday style. From the short time I have had these shoes, they’ve proved to be worth their cost and really are in my collection of favorite shoes.

Lacoste has definitely proven to be a great maker of shoes and have definitely stepped up their game.

Although I haven’t owned these shoes for very long, they have definitely been so wonderful for the time period I have had them. I would rate them a 9/10 and would definitely buy them again if I had the chance.

I would recommend these shoes to anyone looking for a new durable pair of sneakers as well as a stylish pair of shoes that will go with pretty much anything!

If you need a new pair of shoes for everyday use, go check out the Lacoste website and look of Europa Sneakers! You won’t regret this great buy!


Check out the pic below…

Men's Europa


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