How photography and videography impacted the world in negative ways.

While there are many advantages to video and photography, and thanks to these, technology has evolved in many positive ways, there are also many dangers associated with the aforementioned. As many people know, social media today, revolves around imagery and videography. People have the opportunity to share every day meaningful (or non-meaningful) life events. Having the opportunity to capture and share significant moments with friends and loved ones, is an invaluable opportunity in today’s world.

On the same token, much damage can be done with the improper use of photos and videos. Many of the events revolved around cyberbullying, part from the idea of misuse of this information. Furthermore, the impersonation of other people, is quite a popular process in social media sites, such as: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Needless to say, it can also very damaging and destructive to the image and character of a person.

Photography and videography, are not only used for online social media purposes. Today, the government, private organizations, and local institutions, use these for marketing, advertisement, and logistical purposes. Many countries, are beginning to use technology as a tool to aide in war zones. Small robotic tanks armed with missiles, have already been tested by armies of various countries. While this minimizes the amount of soldiers that are put on the front line, several trials have shown that this equipment is not reliable nor safety proof. Many of these machines, have auto-deployed, thus killing our own soldiers as a result of error.

Technological advances such as robots and drones in the military, have many advantages and disadvantages to the current and future welfare of our country. While theses devices have the potential of saving the lives of many of the soldiers who are fighting for our country, and allow for an intelligent operation approach, the downfall of their nature, appear to be much more severe than the advantages of such.

When looking at this matter from a social, ethical, and moral perspective, military drones and robots are basically killing machines. As P.W. Singer suggests, an electronic device cannot be programmed to know the difference between an enemy and al elder person, nor to have feelings to help determine that a death was unjustifiable. For this reason, the drone or robot will not feel remorse, thus having the capability of killing many innocent people to include children and women. Furthermore, because a drone cannot be prosecuted, once a mistake is being repeated over and over, it simply becomes a matter of a recall and of introducing a replacement.

In addition, while robots and drones have the capability of saving money, manpower, time, and resources, they are also a very dangerous tool to have. As some studies have revealed, people who operate the drones, are most likely to develop insensitivity to killing, or in severe circumstances, mental disturbances such as PTSD. The speaker poses an interesting comparison to video games, where players are much more likely to carry out severe and gruesome brutality acts through a game than in real life. Drones & robots however, while not a game, they will allow the same experience through an indirect and behind the scenes action.

Our world and newer generations are becoming much more insensitive to pain, problems, grief, feelings, etc. and while technology may allow us to advance in many ways, drones and robots can very easily cause a much more insensitive planet, where killing and war are the drive and center of our lives.

For the above reasons, technological advances continue to pose a threat to our society and world in many ways. While there are many advantages to some of these advances as stated above, mankind can at times, take these to extremes that endanger our own species. When men take life and creation to the point of acting as Gods, only death and devastation can occur as a result.

It is imperative, that social media, technology, photography, and videography, are used with utmost responsibility. Our obligation as part of this society, is to respect life and dignity in every possible way. The insensitivity of youth these days, and the ambition for economic power and social status, can be blinding to many people these days, and cause them to misuse information in devastating ways.

The proper use of social media, can bring about many positive results and has the potential of bringing our community together in useful ways. Many organizations and people, already have established great causes for the benefit of those who are less fortunate. The reuniting of missing people, fund collection for illness, or poverty causes, advertisement of blood drives, amber alerts, etc. are all good examples of constructive ways in which technology, social media, photography, and videography can be used, to make this world a better, stronger, dignified, and value oriented place.

Author: Bill

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