It never ends.

Hey everyone,

Today, I wanna talk about something that happened to me while I was vacationing up in Virginia Beach. It’s a personal experience and has nothing to do with any of the brand, I feel like this blog is becoming more about me and I like it that way.

So, I was visiting a friend of mine in VA Beach where she’s staying with her husband and their two sons. Laura, also runs a small house cleaning company. She is done with cleaning herself, and is just supervising from home. They have a great crew of 5 maids who are all very nice and the best thing is they get their home cleaned for free! Isn’t that awesome?!

Well, I was sleeping-in one of the mornings and I got woken up around 8 am by chatter outside of the room I was given to sleep in. I got up, put my robe on, peeked outside and saw two girls arguing. After listening to their conversation, I realized that neither one of them wanted to enter the room because they heard that I sleep naked. It was hilarious to listen to, so I did what any other self respecting man would do and walked out of the room in my robe, said hi and kept on walking towards the bathroom.

You should’ve seen their faces, they were in shock…

I though that it was the funniest thing ever. I still laugh every time I remember what their faces looked like. 😀
Laura’s husband saw me downstairs and we got a good laugh out of it once I told him what happened. He also invited me to go fishing after we got some breakfast. I said sure, but that’s a whole different story…

So, here I was, heading back upstairs after taking care of business. I heard laughs coming from my room and was intrigued to find out what was going on. As I climb up the stairwell, the laugh keeps getting louder and louder. I was almost laughing myself, but the curiosity kept me from it.

As I walk into my self proclaimed guest room, I see these two young girls who work for Laura’s company, pointing at my dirty underwear that I left on the floor from the night before. I honestly didn’t know what to do… Immediately, my face started looking like a bright, red tomato. All that embarrassment made me want to run downstairs like a little boy and the fact that those girls were in their early twenties and smokin’ hot didn’t help at all.

So guess what I did?!

I started cracking up with them. I got even louder than they did because I was overwhelmed with embarrassment and the only thing that made me feel better was to laugh my butt off, which is exactly what I did until it got, well…Strange. The girls eventually left the room while still giggling and I have felt like I’ve regained myself as a man again. This like this don’t happen every day, but when they do… Don’t hesitate and laugh. The fact that you’re laughing at yourself only makes it so much funnier!

Well, that’s my embarrassing story for the day. Stay tuned for more.

Author: Bill

Hi guys. My name is Bill. I am 29 years young and have lived all over the world. I am a style and fashion type guy and love to follow the latest news, which i might be posting about sometimes. I like travelling, living in other countries, hiking, biking and car racing. I've recently moved from Australia to Japan, but Aussie will forever stay in my heart.