Legendary L 12.12

I’m super excited and wanna scream to everyone about my brand new purchase! I’ve been excited about it for 3 weeks now, but it has finally come in… Lacoste L 12.12 Polo Blue is in my hands, not literally, I just hung it up…

My plan is to never wash it, unless of course I stain it really badly, then yeah… Mild washing is in order.

Not everybody knows that the dark blue colored polo tends to fade into light blue after about 4 washes. Usually, any consumer would see it as a weakness, but with Polo… It’s a unique feature.

What I’ve started to realize here recently, is that branding is everything! Literally! If you head over to a grocery store and purchase some cheap 5 pack of shirts, it will only cost you 5 to 7 bucks or so, right?! So essentially you’re paying a little over a buck per shirt.

If I were to stick a Polo label on the package as well as every shirt in there, the cost of the whole pack, based on my estimation would be 100 to 130 dollars. Now, same shirt different brand so why would the price go up 40 times? I know that you’ve though about this phenomena before, just never really cared enough to do the research! Well, neither have I! I’d rather hug and kiss my brand spankin’ new L 12.12 all day instead of doing that research. I just find it fascinating that branding boosts the pricing so much.

I’ve noticed a similar situation in the car industry, specifically Toyota and Lexus. Some of you might not know this, but Toyota is Lexus! Mind blown or what? Basically, Toyota has created a branch of their company named Lexus, which is their luxury line.

Why you might ask? Because in their minds, consumers are thinking of Toyota as a “basic” car, rather that a luxurious vehicle. It’s Toyota’s fault for positioning themselves as the everyday car provider for the general public. You don’t see Ferrari or Porsche making low end cards, do you? That’s what I though!

This just gives you an understanding of what branding is all about and why so many companies are positioning themselves and profiting so much from successful branding campaigns. Sneakers are the same way!

It’s all about the consumer that you’re targeting, not necessarily what you’re selling. Brand needs to appeal to the consumer!

Hope this clarifies a few things about my recent discovery. Now… Am I going to get rid of the L 12.12 i just got, nope! No way Jose!

I love the brand too much to give it up! This just proves how successful LacostePolo’s campaign has been. Thank you for ready and as always, message me via email if you have any questions or wanna chat.

Peace, Bill!



Author: Bill

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