Long time no see.

Hi everyone, I’ve been out on another adventure of mine. No much time to blog away due to the lack of cell phone reception and internet access.

It’s been a crazy month for me and I want to share it with everyone here.

Everything started with a routine trip to my family doctor for an annual checkup. No big deal right? I didn’t think much of it and got it over with. So, about 3 weeks later, Doc. Jacob (his name is) calls to inform me that I have some strange cell growth and activity going on within my body. Supposedly he looked at the results from the previous years and compared them to the one i just did. So, he suggests that i come in right away for more testing. Me being me, i haven’t had much to do other than blogging away and watching movies on Netflix. So the next day, I marched over to his office where he and his hot assistant were already waiting for me. Her eyes got lit the moment I walked into the office. Immediately, my brain started referencing current situation to a porno movie (no idea why). I expecting a hug or a kiss from her, but the doc was right there. I honestly thinks that those two have something going on, even though Jake (my doc) is married and has two kids. Maybe she really needed a job and had to “work her way” into his office.. I wouldn’t know, but either way… It feels like she’s about done with him and is looking for a young coconut such as myself! Darn! Got carried away again…

So, nothing happened obviously, aside from my doctor telling me that I have a possible case of a rare disease called “god knows what”. It wasn’t really named that, I only remember how long and unpronounceable the name was. After he announced that, I’ve sat through about an hour and a half of explanations about the possible causes, history of the disease and a bunch of other stuff i didn’t really care about. All i wanted to hear is how to cure it…

After we were done talking, he sent my results over to China for additional testing, since he didn’t have the necessary equipment in his lab.

That is all for now, because i have to run, but please stay tuned as i roll out the whole story and it’s ridiculous ending. Again, I’m sorry for letting things go for a while.


P.S. I’ve created an about page in case you would like to find out more about myself. 🙂

Author: Bill

Hi guys. My name is Bill. I am 29 years young and have lived all over the world. I am a style and fashion type guy and love to follow the latest news, which i might be posting about sometimes. I like travelling, living in other countries, hiking, biking and car racing. I've recently moved from Australia to Japan, but Aussie will forever stay in my heart.