What Is Success

My peeps! Wanna give you a quick run-through on what I’ve been up to.

I’ve been going to entrepreneurship events all of Virginia for the past week, following one of my good friends’.My long time pal Melvin, he has been a true inspiration. A man, who used to be a photographer starting back in the 70’s and has recently opened a photo booth company in Richmond. Check out his web page:¬†http://www.photoboothrichmondva.com if you’ve considered hiring a photo booth for an event in the area. His company had it redone very recently and according to him it looks better that anyone else’s page.

A little background on Mel. He is the type of guy who is all about work and getting stuff done, while not being an actual workaholic. He’s practices what he preaches… Whether is efficiency in your business or automating processes as you grow, he doesn’t speak of anything unless he has tried and succeeded by doing the same thing. Mel is an entrepreneur at heart and has gone through many tough situations in life which is why he appreciates and values his time. Throughout his life, he has seen numerous failures and betrayals which are the thing that have formed him as a person and his character to where he is now.

I’ve learned so much about being a business owner in the past week, it’s quite overwhelming.

I’ve learned that true success isn’t just one time thing, but instead a series events that leads up to a point in ones life where they can deem themselves as a success. Success is seen differently by different people. For example: a high school football player might experience success when his team wins their first football game, but that success isn’t the end result unless of course they quit the game. What I’m trying to say is that there are two types of success… Small ones that lead up to your ultimate goal and the end result, at which point you see yourself as a success.

A ¬†thing to cover on small successes… They happen day in and day out whether you are driving to work, groceries shopping or even sleeping. An example would be when you’re driving to work, the light turns yellow, you push on the gas and pass it before it turns red. Adrenaline is rushing and you’re happy that you’ve made it though before the light turned red. Now that’s a dangerous, but small success which should be celebrated. Not a huge celebration in this case, but definitely a self appreciation.

Big success isn’t that common and doesn’t come to everyone in their life. Many people leave this life unhappy with what they’ve achieved and wish that they could change some things if they were only given a chance. Whether or not you’re a success is totally up to you, but what I can tell is that upon deeming themselves successful, many people slow down or stop. If you want to do more, simply raise the bar a notch until you’re almost there and then raise it some more to keep yourself motivated.

I totally understand that I myself am not the true definition of success but everyone starts their journey somewhere and here’s where I start mine.

You can find out more information about success here and I appreciate any and all support from my readers as I start this journey to the land of success. It really does mean a lot to me when I hear people encouraging me and having belief in my ability to succeed. One thing I want to ask before I finish this off, Is that you go out there and begin getting success for yourself.

Thank you and create success,


Author: Bill

Hi guys. My name is Bill. I am 29 years young and have lived all over the world. I am a style and fashion type guy and love to follow the latest news, which i might be posting about sometimes. I like travelling, living in other countries, hiking, biking and car racing. I've recently moved from Australia to Japan, but Aussie will forever stay in my heart.